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74: C.H. Spurgeon via J.R. Briggs

J.R. Briggs becomes our first repeat guest in a different kind of sermon prep conversation. J.R. shares how he is learning and being challenged by Spurgeon’s words on sermon prep in his book: Lectures to my Students. J.R. Briggs is the founding pastor and cultural cultivator of The Renew Community, a Jesus community for the hungry and the hurting on … Read More

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Jeremy Ashworth

73: Jeremy Ashworth

Jeremy Ashworth is a pastor, a spiritual and organizational leader who lives to help people grow in the way of Jesus. He has experience in pastoral ministry and church revitalization in the Midwest, Northwest, and Southwest United States. He is the coauthor of “Outrageous and Courageous,” a book about relational evangelism. He likes all the normal stuff: good food, great … Read More

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