random music links

July 31, 2009 | Leave a comment

Last month, I sat in a coffee shop with my friend Joshua Longbrake while on a visit to Seattle. Even as we chatted a bit about music, our ears perked up simultaneously as the barista introduced us to the sounds of Dosh. He would tell you Pure Trash is his favorite, but I would tell you that Wolves and Wishes is better.… Read more

snoop blogg

July 29, 2009 | 5 Comments

I spent a lot of time with my grandparents as a kid. In the winter’s they lived in the same town in Colorado. In the summer, they’d go to their cabin in the Rockies, and I spent a week or two there every summer.

My grandma was a librarian, so if there is one thing I remember about their place(s), it was books.… Read more

ignore everybody: and 39 other keys to creativity

July 27, 2009 | Leave a comment

Last month, I was thankful to receive a review copy of Ignore Everybody: and 39 Other Keys to Creativity, by Hugh MacLeod (@gapingvoid). Hugh is the blogger/cartoonist behind GapingVoid.

Ignore Everybody is written as a collection of 40 essays and reflections on life as a creative. I found them to be inspiring, challenging, and encouraging.… Read more

five years

July 24, 2009 | 3 Comments

This weekend marks five years since the birth of this blog. It’s hard to measure how much the thoughts and conversations I’ve had here have marked my journey, but I know it’s significant. This blog began in a time of personal transition, and in many ways, that transition continues. My best hope is that the season of transition has shifted into a hunger for lifelong learning.… Read more


July 23, 2009 | 2 Comments

I’ve read a respectable chunk of NT Wright’s work, and he takes up more space on my bookshelf than any other author. It’s not often that I read one of his books and am left wanting. But after reading Justification, that’s where I found myself.

That’s not to say that Justification isn’t a good book.… Read more


July 6, 2009 | Leave a comment

I few years ago, I blogged about LibraryThing. It’s a site designed to share and network your book library with others.

For some reason I can’t fully explain, I abandoned updating LibraryThing in the last year and became an active user on goodreads. I think it is because goodreads let’s me feel more connected and up to date with what others are reading.… Read more

chris marlow interviews tom davis

July 2, 2009 | Leave a comment

Chris Marlow is a friend here in Austin. (In fact, he’s about seven feet away from me right now.) I think I will even continue to call him friend after he moves to Raleigh at the end this month.

A few days ago, he posted the interview below with author/activist Tom Davis.… Read more

life without textexpander…oh the horror!

July 2, 2009 | 11 Comments

Last week, my TextExpander preferences got wiped out. (If you’re not sure what TextExpander is, hang on…you’re going to find out.) I think I can blame MobileMe sync. The good news is that Time Machine came to the rescue. The bad news is that I was on a trip and I had to live without TextExpander for about four days.… Read more

right where we need to be

July 1, 2009 | Leave a comment

A few events have me reflecting on where we are at right now:

  • This month is the fifth anniversary of this blog. I haven’t been as consistent in sharing my thoughts here as I was in the early days, but the thoughts I’ve shared and comments of others have made this a significant part of our journey.
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