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September 15, 2008 | 14 Comments

The Artist’s Way Collective begins week 3 today. This week focuses on Recovering a Sense of Power.

For those who are participating with us, you can share your thoughts in the comments below. If you are using your blog to process your experiences, please leave us a link.

  • thank you, thank you, thank you for initiating this experience. i’ve just finished chapter three and i feel so vulnerable and open and ready. god is doing amazing things in my heart because of this book. i appreciate the part that creativityist had to play in making this happen.

    Aannas last blog post..The Artist’s Way – Week 2

  • Ted

    I will add my thank you as well. This is really helping me keep moving through even during these two very busy weeks where it would be easy to de-prioritise this.
    The idea in Chapter three of stopping in the middle of a pursuit because it no longer seems to matter (page68 in my version) is frighteningly familiar. It is the perfect description of not only my creative pursuits but much of my life–moving from one thing to the next without really taking things as far as I could.

    One of my favourite short stories is by Raymond Carver, ‘Nobody said anything,” expresses that feeling of finding something magical that you want to express, only to have it met with disdain or silence. We never really recognized accomplishments or special moments that much in my family growing up. We were to humble and too Lutheran for that. I am not sure how to move past that legacy, but I think knowing and feeling it and continuing anyway is probably a good start.

    It is a bit behind, but last week’s artist date is in the blog.

  • I’d like to join the chorus of “thank yous”. I’m starting to unblock already and notice differences in many areas of my life, not just the creative side.

    I’m also really enjoying watching and interacting with others who are going through the process.

  • Hi all – I just posted my week three update here.

  • Is anyone else feeling emotionally off-kilter recently? I’ve had a couple of confrontations with people over the last week or two, which is extremely unusual for me. Normally I’m exceedingly nice, and am surprised to see myself interacting in this strange way. I’m wondering if it’s stuff that’s coming up from doing the Artist’s Way, or if I’m just turning into a curmudgeon.

    ThinkingWomans last blog post..The Artist’s Way: Week Two (postscript)

  • Yes.

    Aannas last blog post..The Artist’s Way – Week 2

  • I meant
    Yes, I’m feeling emotionally off kilter
    Yes, you’re a curmudgeon.

    Aannas last blog post..The Artist’s Way – Week 2

  • Me too, but I’ve been feeling the other way – almost euphoric, which is highly unusual for me. I’m pretty much usually a curmudgeon !

  • Thanks. I guess it’s a matter of balance: Maybe I should embrace my inner curmudgeon!

    ThinkingWomans last blog post..Finding balance in life: tai chi

  • John

    That’s a very worthwhile question. I definitely notice that I am more aware of what is happening with my emotions overall. I think the morning pages causes me to listen to myself more.

  • Ted

    “…more aware of what is happening with my emotions…” That is very accurate for me as well. I have been trying to use the morning pages to write out those feelings rather than just scribbling what is in my head, which is easier, but less satisfying.

  • I just finished reading Chapter 4 and it is going to be VERY difficult for me. I read like other people talk – constantly. Reading is my narcotic, my stimulant, my entertainment. However, I’ll take the step, (the huge blind one into space like the Fool in a deck of Tarot Cards) and not read.

    Anyone else committing to this as well?

    Diane’s last post: The Artist’s Way – Week Four Starting Out

  • Me too, I’m TERRIFIED not to be able to read. I fall asleep at night reading. It’s my little sanctuary at the end of the day. It’s sort of my default setting for whenever I need a break. I’m committing, but I’m not completely sure I’ll be able to make it.

  • I’m a little behind. I haven’t started reading Chapter 4 yet. I was planning on starting tonight, but after reading Diane’s entry I’m worried. I’m a big reader as well, and I’ve been very emotionally off-kilter lately. I fear for my family if I can’t escape a bad mood by diving into a book.