the creative church

June 3, 2008 | 2 Comments

There is all sorts of talk about the need for churches to be creative. While I agree, I think the assumption is usually that this creativity happens in the form of programmed expressions from the stage in a Sunday service. This quote reminds us why creativity should be so much more that that:

The reality is that creatives walk into our communities, systems, and structures all the time, and when they do, they intuit the environment we have created and know immediately whether there is space for them. Most often, they discover there is not. If we are going to have systems and structures that allow our communities to respond to the context of our world and what God is doing in such contexts, we must be allowed to create systems and structures that are organic to this emerging world. In order to do this we must be creative! We must allow our imaginations to be funded in news ways from new sources across multiple disciplines, ideas and metaphors. We must allow emergence to happen in our midst by fostering the environments that will allow us to hear God through engaging each other. — Tim Keel, Intuitive Leadership

  • This strikes some chords in me… There is something that doesn’t sit well with me when the church is focused on “being creative”, or “doing worship well”, or “having great programs”… If what we are focused on becomes larger than who is the core of our creativity, worship, programs, etc… I feel like the focus gets out of whack and that becomes evident, quickly… especially for those who are looking. Being a creative type, myself… I can say that I much prefer a setting where people are authentic and the gathering flows from the source of truth. If this is the foundation of why a body is meeting… that will become evident as well. If the core flows from the source of truth, more than likely… a variety of people from all walks of life will be drawn to that truth… which, in and of itself, can be a breeding ground for creativity as expression is likely to burst from that kind of a gathering. I have found that nothing every goes really well when it is forced. But full flavor and deep, saturated color… very often is birthed from an organic beginning.

  • Thanks Cyndee. I love these thoughts.