links of interest — 9.27.07

September 27, 2007 | 2 Comments

I ran across several different links in the last day or two that I thought were worth passing along:

  • Message in a Bottle (Fast Company) – I read this article in the magazine a few months ago and made a note to mention it when it was freely available online. Its an eye opening read about the global impact of our water bottle consumption habits.
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twitter digest for 2007-09-25

September 25, 2007 | Leave a comment

  • to crowder or not to crowder #
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twitter digest for 2007-09-24

September 24, 2007 | Leave a comment

  • of course, if starbucks wants me to buy songs through iTunes, they are going to need to play songs worth buying #
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twitter digest for 2007-09-19

September 19, 2007 | 2 Comments

  • "Yes, I had Air Supply." — Dwight Friesen (frickin’ free, but too quotable not to pass along) #
  • Amy Grant’s "Baby Baby" and coffee just aren’t meant to go together #
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twitter digest for 2007-09-17

September 17, 2007 | 2 Comments

  • n the midst of uninstalling and reinstalling CS3 for the second, or maybe third, time πŸ™ #
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twitter digest for 2007-09-16

September 16, 2007 | 3 Comments

  • c’mon Cleveland, end this game so I can watch the Broncos #
  • c’mon lightning, move on so I can watch the Broncos #
  • heart is pounding #
  • phew #
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twitter digest for 2007-09-15

September 15, 2007 | Leave a comment

  • trying to find an iphone related .com — i don’t think there are any left! #
  • thumbs up to for making all my old pocket PC Bibles available through ipocketbible #
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twitter digest for 2007-09-14

September 14, 2007 | Leave a comment

  • had dinner with Josh Longbrake tonight — he’s a good man #
  • listening #
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twitter digest for 2007-09-13

September 13, 2007 | 1 Comment

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twitter digest for 2007-09-12

September 12, 2007 | 1 Comment

  • "If mission feels like frickin’ work, something is wrong!" — Dwight Friesen frickin’ quote of the week #
  • milk is spoiled…I need a latte πŸ™ #
  • zach talked me into a soy latte…tolerable #
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twitter digest for 2007-09-10

September 10, 2007 | Leave a comment

  • first official iPhone tweet #
  • so happy to see that the iPhone word guesser can recognize ‘crap’ #
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twitter digest for 2007-09-09

September 9, 2007 | Leave a comment

  • first ipod sync in progress #
  • oops…that would be iphone sync #
  • hmm…0-2 trying to tweet from iphone with #
  • watching the Broncos exhausts me #
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twitter digest for 2007-09-08

September 8, 2007 | Leave a comment

  • C’mon fedex #
  • iAnticipation #
  • @justinbaeder not yet…it’ll be a tweeable moment #
  • @justinbaeder iphone #
  • listening to Francis Chan on Catalyst podcast — love his heart for sending his staff on to other things #
  • the entire state of michigan must be feeling a collective punch in the gut #
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twitter digest for 2007-09-07

September 7, 2007 | Leave a comment

  • 8 honey hot and 8 honey bbq please #
  • 4 days of a spanner sync trial have sold me — a great little program for sharing an ical #
  • hmm…google reader or newsfire? #
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twitter digest for 2007-09-05

September 5, 2007 | Leave a comment

  • "reading is really important — you’re in frickin’ grad school" — Dwight Friesen #
  • is it possible that I am addicted to mac product announcements? #
  • umm…looks like the ipod touch will be here in time for my birthday (ahem) #
  • why would the ipod touch not have the mail or notes app from the iphone?
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twitter digest for 2007-09-04

September 4, 2007 | Leave a comment

  • hello Simeon, welcome to the Broncos. Now hurry up and get to the QB! #
  • why is it that twitter tools doesn’t sync up with my timezone? #
  • dear Karl Rahner…don’t you think a paragraph that spans five pages is a little long? #
  • nice follow up with a four page paragraph — you mock me #
  • note to self…bring a mouse when you are going to do design work πŸ™ #
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twitter digest for 2007-09-03

September 3, 2007 | Leave a comment

  • finished reading UnChristian — hopeful to get a review on the blog soon #
  • Pancakes and maple syrup for the ladies of the house, maple macchiato for me #
  • painting max’s room — we’ll be ready for you buddy! #
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September 3, 2007 | 3 Comments

I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Dave Kinnaman since college; our wives have been good friends going back to their glorious Jr. High days. The time we have spent together has been sporadic, but I always know a thoughtful and engaging conversation is in store when we spend time together. Most of all, Dave and I share a passion for how the church can have a meaningful engagement with our culture, and I know that when we talk, I will walk away with a number of new ideas to mull over.… Read more

twitter digest for 2007-09-02

September 2, 2007 | Leave a comment

  • hmm…i know Pages can read Word Doc’s, but can’t it export them? #
  • Oh man, i need this coffee #
  • a long lunch with old friends, and now a Broncos game — that’s a good Sunday afternoon #
  • oh yeah…you can export from Pages — just use the Export command…that’s what I get for trying to do it first thing in the morning #
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christian confession

September 2, 2007 | 1 Comment

I was tagged for confession a week or so ago by Christine Sine. The instructions for the meme are:

1. Apologize for three things that Christians have often got wrong. Your apologies should be directed towards those who don’t view themselves as part of the Christian community. Alternatively, apologize for things you personally have done wrong towards those outside of the church.

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